Thank you for showing interest in Midwest Fellowship.

At Midwest Fellowship we believe that God has created us for spiritual family.  To often, our lives feel isolated and disconnected.  Even in church communities, we often feel like outsiders looking in.  At Midwest Fellowship, we believe that spiritual family is at the core of what God created us to experience.  That to be the church means to live in real community with other folks trying to figure this journey out together.  

We believe that church is not a building or a service that you attend. We believe that church is people.  We meet together, not only on Sunday mornings, but throughout the week at various home churches in order to pursue life together and to develop authentic relationships.  This is where we believe real relationships are built.  

Our hope is that this commitment to spiritual family will help bring friends into your life that can guide you down the most meaningful pathway for your life.  I hope that Midwest Fellowship can become a place that helps you connect to God and to others, and that together, we can make this world a better place.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions that you might have.

Grace and Peace,

Kevin Cloud


Central Teaching Service


Central Teaching is an opportunity for the entire community to gather for Bible teaching and musical worship.  All are welcome to come and hear how God matters in everyday life.

    10:00 - 11:10 a.m.
    7457 Cherokee Drive
    Prairie Village, KS 66208
    (Global Montessori Building)
    -Children's Ministry 0-5th Grade
    -Middle School Ministry 6th-8th Grade

Home Churches

"they devoted themselves... to the fellowship."  -Acts 2:42

Among the unique virtues of the early church was their commitment to one another.  They took the time to know one another deeply. Daily they interacted in each others' homes.  The home became an epicenter for the life of the church.  The home provided the platform for individuals to become communities and was the launching point for those communities to spread the message of God's grace.  God's design has always been for Christian life to flourish in community.

As such, Home Churches are the foundation of Midwest Fellowship.  They are essential to developing the close friendships and personal discipleship as described in the New Testament.  We encourage all of our people to not only participate, but also to give of themselves meaningfully to a Home Church.  Below is a description of the Home Churches within the Prairie Village congregation.