About Us

Midwest Fellowship is a Christian church with two congregations in Kansas City and Manhattan, KS. We maintain an emphasis on loving those outside the Christian faith, deeply knowing one another in Christian community, and equipping every Christian for ministry.  For a fuller description of who we are explore our Vision and Leadership below.

For a description of the theological beliefs of Midwest Fellowship click here.


"and they devoted themselves..."  -Acts 2:42

The first statement Luke makes after describing the inception of the early church is that these people "devoted themselves."  These Christians personally committed themselves to a number of things that made that early Christian community both a joy to be a part of and a powerful influence on the surrounding culture.  

Our aim is the same.  We desire to establish a devoted people who experience the joy of Biblical fellowship and also impact the lives of those around them.


The basis for all transformation is experiencing the grace of God, a gift that God offers to all people.  This gift fundamentally changes a person from within.  Grace is the foundation for living a life of grateful obedience to God.  It also motivates us to continue to grow in intimacy with God and embrace a life of continued growth.  In light of this truth, we are a grace-based Christian church.


As those who have received so much from God, it is natural to want to give to others.  This generous service to others is called ministry.  We encourage all of our people to develop a personal ministry.  We provide numerous equipping experiences to prepare Christians for the foundational ministries of discipleship and evangelism.  We want to grow through the ministries of everyday Christians.


One of the assumptions of the New Testament is that Christians will deeply relate to one another in church.  This is displayed in the numerous "one another" instructions saturating the text of the New Testament ("love one another" "encourage one another" "bear one another's burdens").  Therefore, we strongly emphasize Biblical community.  We do this through establishing home churches.  Home churches are a place to experience the joy of Christian fellowship.  These communities are not just for themselves, but also to minister to others as a team.  We believe experiencing the love of Christian fellowship is often an important precursor to people outside the Christian church considering the claims of Jesus.


We believe in growing through the multiplication of these home churches.  Multiplication is important because it provides us the opportunity to grow without sacrificing relational intimacy.  Disciples make other disciples.  Home churches grow to make new home churches.  New congregations are established as home churches flourish.  On the grandest scale, we want to see more congregations planted throughout this region, serving more and more people.


Kevin Cloud
Elder | Lead Pastor Kansas City
Email: kevin@midwestfellowship.com

Genny Walker
Children's Ministry Director                     Email: genny@midwestfellowship.com


Matt Amick
Manhattan Campus Pastor
Email: matt@midwestfellowship.com

Bret Jenson
Elder | Equipping Pastor
Email: bret@midwestfellowship.com

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Zach Karson
Youth Ministry
Email: zachdkarson@gmail.com


Matt Cantril
Manhattan Intern
Email: mattc@midwestfellowship.com

Carol Walker
Elder | Associate Pastor Kansas City
Email: carol@midwestfellowship.com


John Schwartz
Manhattan Spiritual Director
Email: thusman@ksu.edu


Joe Emanuels
Manhattan Intern
Email: jemanuels@yahoo.com

For general inquiries please direct your questions to kevin@midwestfellowship.com.