Prepared for ministry in college and beyond.

College is one of the most formation seasons of your entire life.  In your college years, you have the freedom to explore what you really believe, form your core convictions, and build a foundation that you lean on for the rest of your life.

Midwest Summer Institute will help you build that foundation.  We provide a summer training experience to prepare you not only for serving God in college, but for a lifetime of personal ministry.

It will destroy and rebuild your idea of following Jesus, which would be incredibly difficult except that you’re surrounded by a group of people that are committed to living out the same call... so it’s all really freaking fun!
— Wheeler Crimm
MSI is like being with your best friends 24/7 all summer long, while at the same time being challenged to grow in your relationship with the Lord. It’s an amazing time of growth, equipping, and experiencing real life together.
— Joe Weakland
It strengthens your closeness with the community and God takes that time to strengthen your walk with Him. It’s the best way for you to spend half your summer!
— Joe Emanuels

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Many of us are hindered from developing a personal ministry because we don't feel like we know enough.  Tutorials provide a teaching and discussion forum to receive a top notch, practical ministry education.

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MSI is more than a class.  Something powerful happens when we learn in a community.  Much of the learning that goes on is side learning.  Students learn from students as live everyday life one another.

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The best learning is learning through doing.  MSI provides an arena where you can practice in a safe environment, and receive real time feedback and coaching.

Program Details

  • We are accepting 12 applicants for the summer long internship and 4 additional applicants for the month of June.
  • Returning students receive a ministry stipend.
  • There is $150 fee for student participating for just the month of June.
  • Housing is provided for applicants.  Each student is designated a living arrangement for their time in MSI.  Details TBA.
  • The program includes 3 classroom times, community meals, and events each week.
  • Registration is due May 15.
  • For more details, contact Jake Douglas (